Monday Sessions

Spent the entire day yesterday recording with Adam Kinghorn of Head for the Hills. Adam and I have a long, long history together starting with a punk rock band in high school, "Shortchanged". We picked that name cause we felt so shortchanged by girls and the lower-middle class suburban paradise we grew up in...but mostly girls.

Times have changed since our angsty youth, we still feel shortchanged, but now its by rent prices and *@#$-ing student loan repayment schedules. *sigh*

Anyway, we decided that it was time to put together a short collection of songs we love to play, and share with our friends. So, we buckled down and tracked 7 tunes yesterday, and with me at the helm, armed with a macbook and a preternatural understanding of engineering, its sure to be a gold record in no time.

Not really...but it was fun, and I'll have something to share from it soon. We'll be joined on the record by the lovely Ms. Ayo Awosika, and the lovely Mr. Sloppy Joe Lessard, bringing actual credibility to the project...they're good.

More soon...