Writing again.

I wrote 4 songs this week, wow. Maybe they aren't all total sparkly diamonds right now...but they could be. Moving ahead with the record has really lit a fire under me and inspired me back into writing. I knew there must be some trick to break out of my post-berklee-has-a-degree-in-writing writer's block. Turns out its pretending I have unlimited funds to make the most epic album ever ever. More on that later.

Mortality hit me smack upside the head this week, and it's a pisser. However, once the initial shock of closely examining the fragility of life had worn off, I became pretty darn glad to be around. So if you're drinking coffee, tea, beer, or (insert beverage of choice) while you're reading this, raise your glass a bit and take a sip to life.

see you next week.

speaking of fragility...