The Banjo Newsletter

There's a great review of Oh Oh in this month's Banjo Newsletter. I've been a fan of this banjo-centric publication for quite a while so am really happy to be a part of it!

some highlights from the article:

"What makes this record a bit different from many other new acoustic and contemporary folk recordings that include 5-string is, this is excellent 3-finger banjo playing (as opposed to rudimentary frailing or picking or strumming). If you go on YouTube and search for Kyle, you’ll discover that he’s a very competent bluegrass banjo picker, as he demonstrates on a couple of standards. While he uses those banjo techniques on this recording, his music isn't bluegrass, and so his playing isn’t either. Fans of Crooked Still, Nickel Creek, Mumford & Sons and other new acoustic and indie rock bands with banjo will most probably enjoy this, which is well arranged and produced. It features Hauser’s vocals, catchy songs, and banjo playing, which is alternately sensitive and robust, and even thrilling."

check it out in the magazine or read the article online here: