We Made It!


We did it!!!

Thanks so much everyone, what an amazing show of hands for this project!

I was listening to NPR yesterday interview Sting, and someone called in and asked him,

"what will artists do now the that music industry is dead?"

and Sting replied,

"I don't think its dead, its just changing and the new model hasn't been defined yet."

Friends, I really believe that what we've done this month WILL be the new model for the music industry. Its albums on demand, the netflix of real, homegrown, honest music. If you want it to happen, you show up and support, and are able to have an intimate view of the entire creative process. No more big desk big buildings deciding what we listen to and putting it in walmart (well...that'll be around for a little while yet). But now, with services like kickstarter and others like them, we the people can help determine what music gets released.

I, for one, think its neat.

I'm also very, very grateful to you all, from the hollow of my heart, thank you.

So! For those of you who donated, keep checking your emails, I'll be keeping you updated throughout the recording process via the kickstarter site with videos, pictures, and maybe even some rough tracks!

But! These updates will only be available to people who have contributed, and as i've mentioned all along, we'll be nearing $10,000 to see this project to its release, so if you'd like to pre-order the album, or make a contribution of any kind, you have until this Saturday May 1st to get the early bird special.

talk soon,